Metros in India


Metro Trains Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi Route Map and Fare

In India, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Surat are considered to be the most dynamic and commercial metro cities.

The more number of metro cities and its growth, marks the huge development of a country, thereby ensuring unimaginable business and commercial activities to rock in the country.


Of course Mumbai would be always listed in the top of the list, as remains energetic most of the time with its colorful and entertaining Bollywood, besides the so much happening in the commercial activities under the industrial and manufacturing sectors. You would become tired of driving in and around the city, as it is huge with enticing activities happening all the time, thus the city drives one as crazy as possible. Numerous fashion institutes, shows, events happen in the most expensive star hotels in the country, thereby generating business in all means. Business in this metro city doesn’t mean only big ventures, most of the trading activities take place every day in a small road side shops and fast food stalls, but cannot be underestimated, as they would be doing business for more than Rs. 10, 000 per day, or even more than that. Hence, it has provided a strong base for everyone to establish in the commercial activities. The city is fantastically developed to a greater extent that commutation is provided by various streams like trains, subway stations, road transportation, encouraged by the various number of national highways, an international airport, which is considered as one of the widest and largest airports in the country with huge number of passenger traffic getting registered every year.


The beach filled metro city of Tamil Nadu places itself in the headlines of the county often, by volatile regional politics marked with the significant ambush characteristics. It is consistently getting listed as one of the favorite metro cities in the country with comfortably huge real estate enhancements and developments. It is getting developed, next to the commercial city, Mumbai, and its growth is triggered by the magnificent progress of Information Technology in the country. Plenty of IT, and Business Process Outsourcing  companies have swirled in with stable establishment, besides evergreen manufacturing industrial sectors, comprising both domestic and international industries, like Ford, Saint Goblin, TVS, Ashok Leyland, etc… all these manufacturing organizations demanded enormous growth of the city, and its tremendous size of growth could be live example of the same.



Being the capital city of the county, Delhi bears a huge political significance, it is kind of active volcanic center of the country, which is capable of erupting at any time. The major decisions on budget for country’s development, conglomeration of political parties, further the headquarters of many nationally important buildings and departments placed in the city, it is one of the extreme dynamic metro cities of the country. Well extreme here means in all activities and changes happening in the city, say for example, in case weather conditions, it is extreme, as both the summer and winter conditions are above the average level making it to categorize under the extreme climatic conditions, during winter it becomes foggy most of the times, leading to cancel the flights in and from the metro city, and during summer nobody can ever escape from sweating! With its location proximity to the most commercial and industrial cities like Punjab, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Surat, and Chandigarh… have added more advantage in terms of business and growth enhancements of its economic activity.

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